American Global Logistics: Enhancing Customer Experience with Transparent Supply Chain

American Global Logistics: Enhancing Customer Experience with Transparent Supply Chain

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Jon Slangerup, Executive Chairman and CEO, American Global LogisticsJon Slangerup, Executive Chairman and CEO
From a new couch to a week’s worth of groceries, shoppers can summon nearly anything to their doorstep from the local store with just a few clicks. These tech-savvy customers expect connected yet frictionless experiences from their brands, requiring consumer-centric businesses to digitalize their business operations. In the “Age of the Customer,” there is no surprise in nearly three-quarters of businesses saying improving customer experience is their top priority. As companies seek to meet growing customer expectations, many of them are turning to process enhancements across the supply chain. An effective supply chain can delight customers through clear communication and timely service, while inaccurate or late deliveries erode customer trust fast. In a recent retailer study, 71 percent of businesses have said that they need to improve access to clear order, consumer, and carrier data for shipments to deliver a quality customer experience.

Established in 2007, American Global Logistics (AGL) offers customized logistics solutions for empowering businesses to solve their supply chain challenges. The company’s proprietary cloud-based technology provides unprecedented visibility and control throughout the supply chain, while its end-to-end logistics solutions help AGL to provide a greater depth of service to global enterprises. “Accountability is at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses, design and implement software and solutions to meet their needs, and work with them day in and out to measure success,” says Jon Slangerup, executive chairman and CEO of AGL.

The company’s cloud-based technology and fourth-party logistics (4PL) solutions extend the visibility and global reach of its customers’ multi-modal transportation networks and fulfillment requirements.

Leveraging technology in this age of disruption is critical for providing greater visibility into the market shifts and dynamic operating conditions

However, considering no two supply chains are alike, the company offers a purpose-built supply-chain management solution, rather than offering a fixed set of modules. Each platform is tailored to match the customer’s unique requirements, creating a valuable asset that drives supply chain efficiency and productivity. The core functionalities of the platform are programmed to capture all product procurement, internal workflow, and supply chain data, while AGL’s dedicated operations manager ensures clients’ solution meets all business rules and logistics needs. A customer dashboard, online bookings, and management and analysis tools make it simple for users to monitor and manage supply chain movement. The easy-to-adapt platform works with clients’ existing systems for seamless implementation. Users can produce and receive multiple file formats, integrate inbound or outbound files into their workflow, and host or sync with their own FTP services via multiple delivery methods.

With AGL handling logistics IT needs, clients’ internal teams can focus on more high-value tasks. The company leverages deep expertise and resources to provide unmatched quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. Since its inception, AGL initially established itself as a key player in the trans-Pacific trade lanes and since has rapidly expanded its reach by ocean and air into the trans-Atlantic and Latin America lanes, serving customers throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. One of the longtime clients of AGL, Bassett Furniture Industries uses the AGL platform to gain visibility across its complex supply chain. The client, a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of premium home furnishings company, manages its daily activity in terms of booking containers with suppliers halfway around the world to tracking time-sensitive shipments meeting stringent customer timelines with AGL’s centralized platform. Driven by these successful operations and speaking about the future for AGL, Slangerup says, “leveraging technology in this age of disruption is critical for providing greater visibility into the market shifts and dynamic operating conditions. And with its proven expertise, AGL is all set to be the herald of the new age.”