Bamboo Rose: Smarter Supply Chain Management, Smarter Trade

Bamboo Rose: Smarter Supply Chain Management, Smarter Trade

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Sue Welch, CEO, Bamboo RoseSue Welch, CEO
Given the dynamic economy and market scenario we currently have across the world, today’s retailers need to be dynamic too—“they must quickly adapt and constantly innovate”. At least that’s what Sue Welch, CEO of a multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform, Bamboo Rose, thinks. She says, “Technology that enables collaboration among retail supply chain networks is at the foundation of what retailers need to succeed in the industry today.” With the ICT sector constantly evolving, technological innovations like AI, machine learning, cloud, big data analytics, and blockchain are affecting all sorts of industries everywhere. Retail industry and supply chain management vertical is no exception here. In fact, studies claim that the current supply chain operating models are getting disrupted and transformed because of the aforementioned innovations.

In an attempt to help retailers cope with this dynamic industry scenario, supply-chain management company Bamboo Rose has developed an intelligent engine-enabled end-to-end retail platform. This multi-enterprise cloud-based retail platform combines a B2B marketplace, product lifecycle management (PLM), digital sourcing, order and sales management, global trade management (GTM) and finance. The platform is supported by AI, machine learning, and many such intelligent engines that manage optimization, costing, and scheduling across the platform and in turn helps the retailers and suppliers in bringing their products to market faster and more efficiently. In order to abide by its objective of three Ds—Discover, Deliver, and Develop—Bamboo Rose’s supply chain management solutions cover a wide range of aspects related to trading process.

As a cloud-based B2B marketplace, Bamboo Rose brings the retailers and the suppliers together on a single platform.
While the retailers can develop designs and share them with the suppliers, the latter too can share the details of their showrooms with the retailers. This platform ensures a huge curtailing of cost and a massive boost to the productivity level on both the ends. The retail PLM enables both the retailers and the suppliers to develop quality merchandise yet reduce the time cycle. Through the digital sourcing part of the platform, retailers can plan and source across channels, share information with the suppliers, analyze cost, and do more. The entire management of order—from pre-buy stage to replenishment stage, Bamboo Rose retail platform manages it all. This retail platform also comes as a solution that integrates quality control and supplier compliance, supply chain, import, export, finance, and customs. All the stakeholders and vendors can have a real-time, unified view of this whole supply chain process through the Bamboo Rose GTM software.

Starting in 2001 as TradeStone, Bamboo Rose was officially born in 2016. Today it serves across 400 brands in the apparel, general merchandise, and grocery industry. Brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Belk, GPC, Floor & Decor, and Express comprises Bamboo Rose’s client base. With over a decade-long presence in the supply chain management industry, the company has garnered several achievements to its credit. Once, a home improvement retailer approached Bamboo Rose with a challenge they were facing in their supply chain management process. The company wanted to optimize its sourcing processes with an aim to quickly deliver highly differentiated products to market. But with over 4,000 suppliers across the globe, it became difficult. Also, the company couldn’t review large amount of products. Its product development was inefficient, buying cycles were lengthy, travel costs were extremely high. With Bamboo Rose’s supply chain solutions coming into picture, the company’s buying cycle length was reduced by 30 percent, sampling-related costs were reduced by 85 percent, and products viewed was increased by three times.

Connecting over 250,000 members in the retail community, Bamboo Rose, with Sue at the helm of the organization, plans to encourage the adoption of its technologically-advanced and efficient supply chain management process among more number of businesses. Currently spreader across four continents, Bamboo Rose looks forward to growing more and delivering its three Ds at a digital speed.

Bamboo Rose News

Bamboo Rose Launches Solutions for SMBs and Manufacturing

BOSTON: Bamboo Rose, the leading multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform, announces today the launch of Bamboo Rose for Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB), and Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing, two new offerings from the Bamboo Rose platform. Bamboo Rose for SMB is tailored for the innovative, high-growth SMB industry, and Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a platform to connect directly to their customers and community, in a seamless way.

Finding success in the new digital economy for SMBs means companies need to have the ability to leverage product development, global trade management (GTM), and supply chain solutions without requiring a large IT department for deployment. Benefits include:

Award-winning software for Tier-1 enterprises modeled for the SMB market

Rapid implementation that drives down 80 percent of the implementation cost

A one-stop shop platform, supporting growth and global expansion, for product development innovation, sourcing, GTM and supply chain

Access to business services for supply chain, including customs house clearance, freight forwarding, as well as product and factory inspection at better than market rates

Faced with new market imperatives to differentiate and modernize, Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing offers firms the ability to transform their go-to-market strategies with new advancements for complex product configuration and collaborative product development. The solution provides:

Full support for all business needs from ideation through production, sales and delivery

A single B2B marketplace for collaboration with customers and global markets to extend their sales reach

Access to new sources for components and services to reduce product costs

“With vast digital offerings available to companies of all sizes, SMBs need a digital platform to compete. But the options and scale can be overwhelming,” said Sue Welch, chief executive officer, Bamboo Rose. “Bamboo Rose for SMB is easily rolled out and implemented with a streamlined user interface, allowing easy navigation without the need for a large IT department. Bamboo Rose for Manufacturing helps manufacturers directly connect with their customers, suppliers and the rest of their community. By giving them a platform to collaborate with suppliers and partners, as well as display their products, we give them the power to sell directly to their customers in a unified way.”

Bamboo Rose for SMB, which is a global offering that encompasses the entire platform, allows SMBs to take advantage of all available services, aggregate more data, while simultaneously driving costs down.